International Lolita Day – Mad Hatter

Happy Monday! This past weekend was the Summer 2018 International Lolita Day! It’s been a full year since I hosted the last summer International Lolita Day, where I hosted a swap meet and picnic. It’s crazy thinking about how much time has passed. I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to become closer with the people in my community since then! When I look back on blog posts and outfits, I have so many good memories already and this weekend was just another great addition!

For this meet, we decided to go for a tea party! One of my favorite places for breakfast, an Alice and Wonderland themed restaurant named The Mad Hatter, also doubles as a bakery and tea house. The food and desserts they sell are amazing so I jumped at the opportunity to reserve the tea house for a private event.



Each person gets their own personal teapot for brewing their pick of a wide variety of tea blends! I picked a blend called Peach Picnic!


The food was served buffet style with a hand-selected menu (by yours truly) of fruits, sandwiches, and desserts!


I brought along my DSLR to take some photos of everyone! I loved everyone’s outfits. Some people decided to go along with the Alice in Wonderland theme as well.




Because of the theme of the Mad Hatter, I wanted to wear something very fun and over-the-top! I bought a top hat and decorated it with accessories. By the end, I had a Mad Hatter-inspired look! I loveddd this coordinate, I wouldn’t hesitate to wear it again!




Skirt: Bodyline

Blouse: Thrifted

Vest: Peace Now

Top Hat: Hats in the Belfry

Card Pins: Classical Puppets

Tights: KOMACHI2266531

Jabot & Wristcuffs: Alice and the Pirates

Heart chain: Puvithel

Shoes: Bodyline


Our group had a full 23 people arrive! It’s the largest meetup our comm has done! It turned out amazingly and the day was just much too short!


Overall, I had a fantastic time! Lots of socializing, lots of eating, lots of photos, and lots of hugs. I hope we’ll be able to do another large meetup soon!

Thanks for reading! Until next time!



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