Hello, Tiffany here!

So, I have been into lolita fashion for a while now but never truly had the funds to support the hobby. Even with saving or bargain hunting, I normally had to focus on paying for school books & the expenses associated with just college-life in general. I recently graduated and began working so now I have more flexibility both with funds & time!

Blog restart go!

My primary focus will be on certain themes and feels.

My main lolita themes will be circus & carnival related coords!

I also enjoy chocolate & Alice in Wonderland themes! ( ÒㅅÓ)

I will flip between gothic, classic, and sweet lolita depending upon the print, though my tastes tend to move more towards gothic.

The other function of my blog will serve as reviews, places I like shopping from, and generally just my thoughts at a time. While being a professional blog sounds amazing, I’ve realized that the pressure of curating and making consistent content that an audience wants to see will be increasingly difficult. So I’m hoping for a more laid back and relaxed vibe. :3

Why the name change to milkcircus? Well, I love that milk is a very versatile food that can be used in many different things. Despite developing lactose intolerance in my adulthood, I still enjoy lactose-free milk and other milk-like products! Why circus? Circus has been my favorite theme for as long as I can remember! But shockingly not really involved or included in anything regarding my day-to-day so this is sort of my commitment to the things I like.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this little snippet!

Feel free to follow me on instagram @milkcircus where I will be posting more fashion & lifestyle photos



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