First haul of the Year! Hello Kitty Galore!

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share my first haul of 2015. Surprisingly enough, it occurred in a Walgreens. Those after Christmas sales are always, 100% a sure fired way to land some items for cheap!

So let’s get started! I took a quick trip to Walgreens with my mom because I was feeling under the weather. (Whenever I’m home, my allergies to my cats acts up. They’re still so cute though ;v;)

Christmas sale 80-90% off


I found this lovely Hello Kitty ring!


It glows!


Hello Kitty tumbler!


Also lights up! 😀


I found this lovely silver metallic coin purse!


Need chapstick for cold weather~


Got some neutral holiday ribbon to for crafting!

10877404_747039355389713_1343119792_n 10904235_747039332056382_1502520224_n

And to top it off, a metallic pink makeup bag!


I also managed to grab two boxes of my medicine and a giftbox with 18 of my mom’s favorite chocolates: Ferrero Rocher!

All in all, my total was:


A good start to the year!


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