International Lolita Day – Mad Hatter

Happy Monday! This past weekend was the Summer 2018 International Lolita Day! It’s been a full year since I hosted the last summer International Lolita Day, where I hosted a swap meet and picnic. It’s crazy thinking about how much time has passed. I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to become closer with the people in my community since then! When I look back on blog posts and outfits, I have so many good memories already and this weekend was just another great addition!

For this meet, we decided to go for a tea party! One of my favorite places for breakfast, an Alice and Wonderland themed restaurant named The Mad Hatter, also doubles as a bakery and tea house. The food and desserts they sell are amazing so I jumped at the opportunity to reserve the tea house for a private event.



Each person gets their own personal teapot for brewing their pick of a wide variety of tea blends! I picked a blend called Peach Picnic!


The food was served buffet style with a hand-selected menu (by yours truly) of fruits, sandwiches, and desserts!


I brought along my DSLR to take some photos of everyone! I loved everyone’s outfits. Some people decided to go along with the Alice in Wonderland theme as well.




Because of the theme of the Mad Hatter, I wanted to wear something very fun and over-the-top! I bought a top hat and decorated it with accessories. By the end, I had a Mad Hatter-inspired look! I loveddd this coordinate, I wouldn’t hesitate to wear it again!




Skirt: Bodyline

Blouse: Thrifted

Vest: Peace Now

Top Hat: Hats in the Belfry

Card Pins: Classical Puppets

Tights: KOMACHI2266531

Jabot & Wristcuffs: Alice and the Pirates

Heart chain: Puvithel

Shoes: Bodyline


Our group had a full 23 people arrive! It’s the largest meetup our comm has done! It turned out amazingly and the day was just much too short!


Overall, I had a fantastic time! Lots of socializing, lots of eating, lots of photos, and lots of hugs. I hope we’ll be able to do another large meetup soon!

Thanks for reading! Until next time!


Anniversary: Year in Review

Happy Monday! March 18th marked my official Lolita Fashion anniversary! A year of frills! In this post, I want to talk about my first full year in the fashion, my first tries, and hopes for the future.

Since the reactivation of this blog, I’ve documented 26 coordinates, enough for exactly 1 coordinate every two weeks for a year of 52 weeks. 😀


The motivation:

On March 18, 2017, I decided to reactivate this blog with the full intent of making a personal blog to document my time in Elegant Gothic Lolita Fashion. This was the day I decided I was going to commit to a once-a-week blog schedule as well as began to make my first real purchases in the fashion. My motivations were largely personal. I think everyone struggles to find consistency in the things they’d like to achieve so this was sort of me putting my foot down and erasing all the insecurities I had at once.

The past and first attempts:

I had originally created this blog in 2015 as a general fashion and shopping blog as I had not yet defined my tastes. I had been watching Lolita Fashion from the sidelines due to people I followed on social media or encountered in person but was not actively buying or even wearing the fashion. I had ordered from Lolita Desu in 2015 and got a nice fairy kei inspired lucky pack with an Angelic Pretty cutsew. That, coupled with some socks and a Bodyline skirt, I had my first “coordinate” at Tora Con 2015. It wasn’t a bad first attempt but I hadn’t researched the fashion at all outside of items as noted by the lack of petticoat or fully matching shoes. Sometimes, I’m not sure how much this picture has traveled considering it was on my blog during my two year hiatus when Lolita Desu featured my review on this website but past me felt very cute that day albeit missing the mark! In the time between 2015 and 2016, I acquired a Bodyline JSK & Secret Shop OTKs from a friend secondhand and wore them to a school event but unfortunately didn’t cpature any outfit pictures.


In 2016, after I graduated from college, I started working my first contract job where I met my co-worker. By sheer coincidence, my co-worker happened to wear Lolita Fashion and my interest and desire to pursue was resparked when she invited me to join her local comm’s tea party. I bought a few things quickly off of Lacemarket with my friend’s help to have something to attend. This was my first step into finding out what I liked.

I still have the dress and cape in this picture because I think they were great first picks towards would ultimately end up defining the direction of my wardrobe. I’ve worn mismatched legwear before again. I probably wouldn’t pair the brown cape with that dress again but I remember feeling cute and like “Wow…I really like this experience!”

March 2017 started a committed thought of attention. I would be wearing this fashion regularly, I would be buying often and planning coordinates. I would actually become a Lolita. I joined my local comm’s active Facebook group, went to my first meet-up, posted in Closet of Frills, and began actually engaging in a dialog outside of the quiet bubble I was occupying just thinking about cute clothes. This was the first start of making intentional decisions, not just wearing whatever cute stuff I had or scrambling to piece together something to wear for a one time event.


Final thoughts:

Because I had a really sudden “start” to the fashion, you can see how my first coordinates are sort of plain in comparison to my later coordinates. There was a lot of still figuring out silhouette and accessorizing. I’d say my turnaround point is the coordinate I wore to my first Lolita Tea Party with my comm. I think that coordinate and environment really solidified for me what style I wanted to define for myself and the type of environment I wanted to be in.


I think I’ve gotten a lot better at coordinating and posing but I still have a lot of unflattering moments. These old pictures of me, I don’t really like looking at but I think all hobbies and interests have to start somewhere. For this reason, I don’t like calling people “ita” or being harsh because I think everyone has to ultimately go on their own journey to figure out what they like and what suits them, if they can commit or if they even like the fashion in the first place. It’s hard to tell when someone’s Lolita Journey actually begins. Is it the time they first buy a piece or is it the time there’s a change in state of mind? When I first starting becoming interested in Japanese Fashion, I thought Decora would be it. And then I thought it would be Fairy Kei. But in the end, it was Lolita Fashion and I’ve never been so satisfied with how I dress. ^^

That’s it for this week! How was your first year in Lolita Fashion? If this is your first year, what sort of changes are you hoping to make by the end of it? Let me know in the comments!

‘Til next time!


MILK ✦ CIRCUS 2018 Wardrobe Post

Hello! It’s a tradition in the online EGL community to post a yearly wardrobe post showcasing the prints and pieces we’ve collected so far. This post is super late but it’s finally finished! C:

I started wearing Lolita Fashion “officially” in March 2017, the same month I restarted this blog. I had a few things here & there but I wasn’t focused on actually understanding the fashion, wardrobe building, or even getting involved with the community. I bought one of the dresses pictured here in October 2016 to attend a local teaparty a coworker of mine invited me to while I was in another city. (I’m going to write a longer more in-depth “Lolita Journey” post when my anniversary comes up) Beyond that one dress, my wardrobe is from the past 12 months, mostly secondhand, found or acquired through sales, payment plans, luck, and most importantly (as well as fortunately), a stable support structure in my life. I don’t really have any other financially dependent hobbies or personal things to take care of and additionally, “circus” as a theme seems to be trending out of popularity at the moment so that also helped a lot in finding competitive pieces for great prices! As noted, I almost exclusively collect circus themed pieces, so I have a lot of circus prints, stripes, clowns, diamonds, tassels, card suits, and other related themes. I hope you’ll enjoy looking through my Circus Lolita wardrobe!

I already keep a record of everything I own through saving the stock photos whenever I make a purchase, so I was a little hesitant about making this post due to how time-consuming the photo process would be. But seeing other Lolita bloggers I follow post their wardrobes inspired me to give it a try anyway!

For this wardrobe post, I’m including pictures of the dress as well as the stock photo (if it exists) and close up details! The names of some of the items will appear if you hover over them but if you want to know what something is, feel free to ask C: Photo heavy post incoming. This will probably be the most photo heavy post I ever make for this blog. For future wardrobe posts, I will only post new dresses, accessories, & other additions rather than recapping everything once more. Alright, here we go! ^_^



Angelic Pretty


Magic Show Girl JSK in Navy




Royal Tailor JSK in Pink



Royal Cards Magician JSK in White



Carnival JSK in Pink x Red (2017 Re-release)



fantasy theater op ivory

Fantasy Theater OP in Ivory


ap_magicaletoileapronsk (1)

Magical Etoile Apron Skirt in Navy



Geometric OP in Black



Harlequinade JSK & Hairbow in Sax x Gold



Astro Regimen Special Set in Lavender



Baby, the Stars Shine Bright & Alice and the Pirates


Bear Carol JSK



Eternal Dream Starlight Parade OP & Bonnet in Green



Electric Circus in the Moonlight Night JSK  II in Black



Electric Circus in the Moonlight Night JSK I & Bonnet in Ivory



Starlit Sky Tent and the Secret Circus Troupe OP & Bonnet in Red



Sleepless Masquerade in the Twilight JSK II in Navy


twilight circus op black

Twilight Circus OP in Black



Sorcerer’s Horoscope JSK in Black x White



Doll Coppelia JSK


Innocent World



Stripe Martingale JSK in Milk Tea



Midnight Merry-Go-Round JSK in Gold x Navy




Unicorn Tears Hannya JSK



Maofish Goodbye, Alice OP


Surface Spell Freak Circus Show JSK 4-400x400

Surfacespell Freakshow


Little Rose Planet Mysterious Circus Tour Circus magician JSK

Littleroseplanet Mysterious Circus Tour Magician JSK




Angelic Pretty

04678e01-eb62-52f0-86c3-598e7d7b7ce4e9a96ece-9aac-503f-a08c-7a281658e6df (1)

Carnival Applique Skirt & Headbow in Lavender




Queen Trump Skirt in Red (Missing Waist Ties)



Marionette Girl Skirt in Pink




Bodyline l543-2 in Black x White




Angelic Pretty

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright/Alice and the Pirates











Rosettes & Bows & Clips






Buttons & Pins










Currently Waiting (Will upload post upon arrival): (Updated 4/1)


Angelic Pretty Toy Circus JSK in Black


9627b612-817f-5020-bd66-3e7c0b9d867b (1)carnivalstripeheadbow

Angelic Pretty Carnival Applique JSK & Headbow in Red


Final Word:

That’s everything for now! As you can see, I’ve acquired a lot of things in a year but I’m very happy with my wardrobe, I think it’s cohesive to exactly what I like while giving me options to try different combinations with the things I already have. There are a few things that don’t fit me in the way that I’d like, such as the Geometric OP & Carnival Applique Skirt, but I’ve been using them as motivation for becoming more physically fit!

I hope you enjoyed looking through my wardrobe, I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of 2018 brings! One of my New Years Resolutions was to try to focus on finding more circus themed casual pieces so I can slowly transition my daily wardrobe more towards the things I like and really try to capture that “streetwear” vibe on a weekly basis. I have a taste for OTT styles but understanding that it’s just not practical on the day-to-day, especially if I just want to go about my business and not have anyone approach me or comment on what I wear. Now that I have a strong foundation, I think I’ll be able to aim towards where I want to be! Thanks for reading!


Birthday Arcade

Happy Monday! My birthday was this past Friday and I spent it with my favorite things: games, friends, and frills! Friends from my lovely comm were nice enough to escort me to a local restaurant/arcade to celebrate my 24th birthday!

Grape Slushie with Gummy Worms

I didn’t realize I shared a birthday with the Olympics so we spent most of dinner watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony! I’ve never really watched the Olympics before so it was cool to see how much effort was put into the opening presentations. Afterwards, we spent a lot of time playing in the arcade. I played a lot of Guitar Hero! (ง’̀-‘́)ง



The weather was awful because it was snowing all day, and people were rude to us for being dressed up multiple times during the night but I wore this crown all night because it was my day to celebrate!



Dress: Alice and the Pirates Electric Circus in the Moonlight Night

Crown: Voodooodolly

Blouse: Excentrique Lace Collar Crown Blouse

Striped Bolero: Offbrand

Tights: Littleroseplanet Mysterious Circus Tour Performance Night Black

Shoes: Offbrand


 I had one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a very very long time. It was nice to just spend it having fun with people willing to brave a heavy snowfall night for me :’) And I never would have met any of them without this fashion I love so much! Happy Birthday to me! Here’s to another good year!


Thanks for reading! That’s it for this week! Next week, I should finally be uploading my wardrobe post so please look forward to it! ^_^



‘Til next week!

Art Gallery Meet Up

Hello! Sorry for the late post~ Things have been hectic lately! I’m planning on doing my 2018 Wardrobe Post soon, just waiting on a few things stuck in the mail~ This week, I want to talk about an amazing art gallery I went to two weekends ago in Buffalo with my friends! We went to see Takashi Murakami’s “The Deep End of the Universe” exhibit before it left the Albright Knox museum. His art is known for its bright colors and rebellious images of creatures and when I saw the promotion, I knew I just had to visit.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

His art is so cool!!! It would be an understatement to say I felt inspired. He has such beautiful art, I felt inspired entire time! I’m an artist myself and I wish I could make such beautiful things. Upon leaving art school, I found myself losing direction and struggling to remember why I liked to draw. I love visiting art galleries because being able to see what others create motivates me to be better! I hope in 2018, be it art or Lolita fashion, I can find new ways to express myself! These bright, poppy, colorful, and punk feelings are part of why I love alternative fashion! I even got one of his pins as a souvenir!


The museum also had another exhibit going on “Out of Sight: Art of the Senses,” an exhibition devoted to showcasing pieces that touch upon simulating the 5 senses! There were exhibits that made sounds, some you could touch, even some you could taste! There was also some very interesting pieces in the permanent collection as well.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 I wore my Magical Etolie skirt with the apron for the first time! I loveeeee pink, I wish I could wear it more often ;v; Somehow I ended up owning a lot of red dresses first! xD




Just your local resident black Barbie girl~ (Really though, I felt like a Barbie with this makeup!) For it, I tried pink, yellow, and blue eyeshadow, combined with pink and yellow nailpolish to match Magical Etolie!





Apron Skirt: Angelic Pretty Magical Etolie

Cutsew: Angelic Pretty

Parka: Angelic Pretty

Diamond OTKs: Mufish

Pink Slouch Socks: Sock Dreams

Shoes: Angelic Pretty

Accessories: Angelic Pretty and Nile Perch



That’s it for this week! As always, thanks for tuning in! ‘Til next time!

Clown Weekend

Hello! Happy Monday!

This weekend was a double of coordinates, fun times, and lots and lots of clowns!

On Saturday, Bobby and I went on a date to Rochester’s Artisan Works, a local museum located in a refurbished factory that hosts hundreds upon hundreds of unique and unconventional artwork.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got to see lots of artwork by Ramón Santiago, who is famous for his beautiful portraits and drawings of women, clowns, and creatures. I found out that he’s actually a Rochester native and that there’s a local studio dedicated to just his art nearby! I read up that there’s presently some controversy over the ownership rights to his art so I wonder if I’ll be able to visit the studio one day. When I look at his art, I’m so moved by an aesthetic I deeply wish to emulate with my coordinates. I hope I can look that dreamy one day. ^^

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For this coordinate, I went a little silly, lots of clashing patterns. I got this blouse thrifting during the winter holiday and noticed it matched my AP OTKs, I just had to pair them since they both have matching triangles! Next time, I will probably try to incorporate more yellow around the neck and waist. I went for dark makeup to contrast with the bright colors.






Bow: Pastel Skies

Clown Hat: Local Shop (Archimage)

Blouse: Thrifted

Bow: Angelic Pretty British Bowtie Blouse

Skirt: Angelic Pretty Queen Trump Skirt

OTKs: Angelic Pretty Circus Neon OTKs

Bag: Target

Shoes: Bodyline



Artisan Works Clowns!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


On Sunday, I joined the neighboring Buffalo Lolita Comm for a tea party at the White Linen Tea House and later antique shopping! The food was fantastic, we all participated in a brunch buffet where you can eat all the pancakes, eggs benedict, and fruit for a flat rate.

I keep running into faces like this!


I saw so many cool things while in the antique store! I ended up leaving with this fan shaped pin with dangling tassels for only $8!


I really love this JSk and originally got it to match my Jester hat but was pleasantly surprised by how well it paired with my Vierge Vampur bonnet! I got the bonnet in one of my Lolita Desu orders and I’m happy I get to wear it while creating a second coordinate for this JSK! I went for more dramatic makeup and a dot to match the cutsew and dress. ^^






Bonnet: Vierge Vampur

JSK: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Sorcerer’s Horoscope JSK

Cutsew: Angelic Pretty Decoration Dot Tulle Cutsew

Mask Brooch: Local Shop (Archimage)

Bag: Putumayo Rabbit Pochette

Shoes: Lolita Lola


Antique Clowns!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, it was a very fun and silly weekend! It was strange going back to reality and preparing for the work week once more. That’s it for this week’s entry! ‘Til next time! 🙂


MAGfest 2018

Happy Monday! I’m still a bit tired from the long drives but two weekends ago, I was in National Harbor, MD for MAGfest! Super MAGfest is an annual Music and Gaming-based convention. I had vaguely heard about it but didn’t really consider going until my friend invited me! So Bobby and made the 9-our drive to Maryland from Rochester! This post is photo heavy!

The area inside of the Gaylord hotel is amazing, it’s like a self-contained functioning village with rooms that overlook an area of mini shops and restaurants. The convention runs for 24 hours so there were always people around from day to night.



I didn’t really go to any panels (one of the ones I wanted to go to actually got repeatedly cancelled). I instead spent most of my time talking and hanging out with new and old friends! I did get to see Rare Candy in concert again! Rare Candy is a game-themed metal band! The first time I saw Rare Candy was at Tora Con many years ago. I really liked them beccause of their music and fantastic onstage presence. I lived my Lolita dressed of being at a metal concert in a full coord!


Rare Candy on stage


Outside of the convention, I ran into someone dressed entirely in fairy kei! So adorable, we took a photo together!


When I first arrived at the Gaylord, I was waiting for Bobby to come back from the car and a Lolita named Jessica stopped me to inform me about a Lolita Meetup! We ended up meeting up both on Friday & Saturday! We went up to balcony to get great coordinate photos in the lighting. On Saturday, we hung out a bit at the arcade and took some Lolita gaming photos! So many lovely people!





On Saturday, I decided to wear Electric Circus in the Moonlight Night with the matching bonnet since I had yet to wear it and cons are usually a great chance to go OTT. I tried doing something different with my makeup, combining red and blue eyeshadow and lots of blush to cover up the fact that i was sick. Bobby took a lot of generous and beautiful photos of me! Not a bad coordinate to start off the year! ^^ More photos can be seen on my Coordinate Photos 2018 page!




JSK & Bonnet: Alice and the Pirates Electric Circus in the Moonlight Night

Blouse: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Étoile Filante Chiffon Blouse

Tights: Violet Fane Tragicomico

Tassel: Offbrand

Rosette: Moss Märchen Carnival Brooch

Shoes: Bodyline

Bag: Alice and the Pirates Tent Bag

Friday night, I hung out with my friend for a bit in this cool club! The area near the seats lit up and changed colors!


Saturday was a pretty fun day filled with a lot of walking around, exploring booths, and getting merch from the Vendors Hall! I met up with one of my good friends who I haven’t seen since early last year and talked! He also introduced me to some of his friends who were playtesting their super fun game called Boiling Point, a game in which you, as a crab or lobster, try competing against other players to leave the chef’s pot before you’re cooked alive! A very surprising and fun competitive game! xD I won the first round and can’t wait to play the final product! I also got to see a lot of really cool cosplays!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On Saturday, I went in a different coordinate direction and wore my new gold lipstick with red under eye shadow. I think I lived the dreams of teenage me! xD I felt very awesome and adorable!






JSK: Surfacespell Freak Show

Blouse: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Étoile Filante Chiffon Blouse

Rosette: Miss Danger Shop

Tassel: Offbrand

OTKs: Alice and the Pirates Night Out Gymnasium OTKs

Shoes: Alice and the Pirates

Bag: Surfacespell Freak Show


On Sunday, the convention was wrapping up. Bobby and I were preparing to head back to Rochester so I dressed more comfortably and wore decora for the first time in a long time! It was great to accessorize! Even though Lolita fashion is ultimately what I ended up liking the most, I’m always constantly inspired by decora and the people I’ve gotten to talk to through the style! I tried pink and blue eyeshadow and lotsss of hairclips!





Overall, I had a fantastic time! Almost too good of a time, I was tired for days hahaha! I’d really like to go again next year!

Thanks for tuning in, ’til next week! 🙂


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Dream Holic Review 2018

Hello and Happy New Year! Today, I will be writing a review of Dream Holic’s taobao! It’s been hard for me to find good detailed or updated reviews of Dream Holic so after placing an order, I thought I’d make one myself and hopefully help out others who might be considering ordering Dream Holic wigs. This post is very photo heavy!


I heard about Dream Holic through various Lolita channels and happened to buy a Dream Holic wig scondhand. It’s the style Anemone in the Natural Black color and it came with two clip-on pigtails. I ended up loving it so much, it’s become my daily wig! I wear it every day when I go out or go to work, so roughly 6 days a week for around 6 months so far. I started wearing wigs daily because I’m in the process of growing my hair out. I think it’s pretty cute and natural looking! Below is a slideshow from July through December after daily wig use with minimal shedding.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also recently acquired a second Dream Holic wig secondhand. It was the Little Poppy style in the Milky Lavender color. It was a last minute purchase that really pulled together my jester coordinate from RuffleCon!

However, despite my personal positive experiences, I’ve heard people have mixed responses when it comes to Dream Holic. I think this stems from the Dream Holic storenvy being a reseller rather than the main branch of Dream Holic. There seems to have been issues with this storenvy in regards to inaccurate sales, getting packages shipped, miscommunication, and so on. The storenvy also has more expensive prices than ordering directly from the Dream Holic taobao. I have not personally ordered from the Dream Holic storenvy so all of this, please take with a grain of salt. This review is strictly for the Dream Holic taobao. So with my order, I used Spreenow to order from the taobao.

The Order

For this order, I ordered 5 wigs in 3 styles in 4 different colors. The translations for the colors on the order page are a little rough so I made sure to include a note with each wig with the name of the specific color I wanted for extra security. One of the colors I ordered was supposed to be Berry Jam but Dream Holic sold out of the color in that specific style before SpreeNow could order it so I changed the color to Chocolate. Overall, I tend to lean more towards natural colored wigs. I hope to do a second order soon with some of the more bright colors (like the Milky Lavender I already have or the Berry Jam I missed out on) and do a second review/update!

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Shipping Time

I placed my order with SpreeNow on October 11, 2017. It seems to have arrived at Spreenow’s warehouse on December 08, 2017. I paid for my full package of items to ship on December 11. It shipped on December 12. And I received the full package on December 16. (Full Taobao order review can be seen at Taobao Haul – #1) All of that time equates to roughly a two month turnaround time from my initial order to receiving the package.



All wigs came individually packages. The buns were packaged separately from their respective wigs. Each wig has a round form with a paper stuffing to help the wig keep its shape, as well as a wig net. The buns are wrapped together in a net and have clips inside to adhere to the wig. The wigs also have “DREAM HOLIC”on a tag on the inside.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photo Review

For the photos, I used the Google Pixel 2 front-facing camera, a camera known to be a little too good at capturing imperfections. Normally, I use the SNOW app for my selfies because I like the filters and general smooth look the app has. It’s clear in Dream Holic’s stock photos, there’s heavy emphasis on styling and lighting. So for this review, I’ve included non-filtered unedited photos and photos filtered with the “Natural” filter in SNOW. I tried to include fiber close-ups as well as close-ups of the roots of the wigs. All photos were taken in indoor natural lighting by a window.

Emily Milly in Natural Black


Emily Milly in Natural Black

This is a cute cut I’ve seen becoming more popular recently so I definitely wanted to try it since I tend to gravitate towards short haircuts. Natural Black is a color that is more of a deep brown than a black to emulate it looking like real hair vs. other black wigs that tend to use solid black fibers and thus look shiny and fake.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I tried the wig on briefly with my Vierge Vampur bonnet and I have to say, it looks like it was made for bonnets!

I actually wore this wig out once before this review, it was comfortable for long wear. It really helped pull my outfit together! Because of how natural it is, I think it was easier for attention to divert away from me in more public spaces.


Gummy Bear in Raspberry Brown


Gummy Bear in Raspberry Brown

Raspberry brown is definitely more of a reddish color, especially when contrasted with the Chocolate. I think this color suits my skin tone well!

I was worried about the short length of the wig but this style is very fluffy and nice.

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Gummy Bear in Onyx


Gummy Bear in Oynx

The color of this was very surprising to me because it’s pretty close to the stock photo. The ombre is really nice albeit not the most convincing in comparison to the more natural-colored wigs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I don’t think the color suits me and will ultimately part with this one but this one absolutely photos well!


Gummy Bear in Chocolate


Gummy Bear in Chocolate

This one is a great one, very natural and well suited for classic or sweet looks! I like how the sides fall around my face a lot.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really love how rich this brown is! I think the buns are a nice touch to this one!

I also got to wear this one out recently before the review. Throughout the day, I had some issues getting it to stay because I didn’t push down my actual hair enough. Because it’s a short-style, it’s really important to have the hair underneath as flat as possible so there isn’t a weird head shape.


The Poetry of Giverny in Natural Black


The Poetry of Giverny in Natural Black (This photo is of the Chocolate)

This one is beautiful! A very classic style and easily my favorite of the bunch! It’s pretty interesting because when I first tried it on, I wasn’t sure about it, but doing this in-depth review has convinced me otherwise.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love this one! It photos well, looks very natural, is comfortable on the head. I didn’t want to stop taking pictures with it on!


Final Thoughts

Overall, I thought all of the wigs and their respective colors resembled the stock photos! I really liked my previous experiences with Dream Holic so I’m glad I took this chance to place a larger order and try out more styles! While the waiting time might not be for everyone, the quality of the wigs is hard to beat. There’s little wig shine and because the wigs are designed with Lolita fashion in mind, there’s little effort has has to go into styling or preparing the wigs; they can be worn directly out of the packaging. I’m looking forward to placing another order and trying out more of the colors!

That’s it for this week, what do you think of Dream Holic’s wigs? Are you thinking about ordering from them? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time!

What Are Your Lolita New Years Resolutions

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! It’s the last Monday of 2017, thank you for an amazing year! As part of Lolita Blog Carnival, this week I will be writing about my Lolita New Years Resolutions. While it’s been less than a year since I decided to fully immerse myself in Lolita fashion and begin wardrobe building, I’ve already accumulated my wishlist items shockingly enough! I’ve had to update my Lolita Wishlist and The One That Got Away posts to reflect things I actually ended up getting! So exciting! I’ve already began planning a new round of wishlist items and I’m excited to see what 2018 has in store for me. Onto the resolutions!


Wear Lolita more often

Right now, I try to plan at least one meet-up a month for my local comm but I’d really like to get into the habit of wearing the fashion more frequently and outside of meet ups. Ideally, I’d wear it at least once a week. I’ve been thinking about ways I might be able to incorporate more casual outfits into my work schedule and seeing if that helps with my creativity. It’s definitely hard to balance because while some people are attracted to the more everyday wear-ability of the fashion, the layered and complex coordinate street snaps were the sources of my fashion inspiration!

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Find my Wishlist items (again)

As mentioned, I completed the wishlist I had set for myself in 2017 through a lot of digging and luck! I’ve created a new small list of new things I’m actively seeking and I’d love to get them by the end of 2018! The same themes generally apply and will hopefully add more staples to my wardrobe.


Top left: Angelic Pretty Universe Coat in BLACK, Bottom right: Angelic Pretty Magical Night Theater JSK in BLACK (tuxedo cut only), Bottom left: Angelic Pretty Milky Planet Salopette in NAVY, Upper right: Bodyline s506 Boots size 250


Find more subtle circus pieces

Part of what makes it so difficult for me to wear Lolita more often is the natural nature of the circus theme being a very loud, vibrant, and over the top one. Even outfits that I regarded as “Casual” would receive inquiries on whether or not it was a costume. I’d like to find more wardrobe pieces that have more natural or neutral colors that still fit the general aesthetic of what I like while still letting me enjoy the day more readily without being stopped for questions.

Right now one of my favorite “subtle” circus pieces is my Innocent World Stripe Martingale JSK. It’s a soft beige color yet still fits the playful theme. I’m hoping to find more dark colored prints with much less dramatic prints to add to my wardrobe.


Combine Lolita with art

Earlier this year, I made a scepter for one of my coordinates and it really made me remember how fun it is to create things. I’m an artist by occupation during the day but I’ve been struggling lately finding the inspiration to create at at the pace I previously was able to maintain before school and job obligations impacted my motivation. Sometimes, I’ll go months without drawing anything for myself. I’d love to stop this cycle by creating more craft projects for myself and maybe a tangible product for an artist alley. Earlier this year I mentioned that I did artist alley for Tora Con 2017 and made some handmade pins. I’d love to make more official accessories such as rosettes, rings, and pins! I’m especially interested in potentially having wood be the base for these if I ever create them.


My Jester Scepter at completion!


Practice Japanese through Lolita

Japanese was my minor in college and I even studied abroad but the lack of immediate influence on my life has made it so difficult to keep up what I know. One of my goals for 2018 would be to translate and read the Gothic Lolita Bible issues I’ve acquired, as well as purchase new Lolita fashion magazines to keep up with new releases. In addition, I’d like to fully be able to articulate this blog in both languages. I was successful with two of my blog posts (Halloween Shopping / ハロウィーンの買い物 &  Halloween Party 2017 / ハロウィーンのパーティー2017) but it was definitely more time-consuming than I had anticipated. Though I did minor in Japanese in college, as well as spent some time studying abroad in Tokyo, without active study, it’s been difficult retaining some of what I’ve learned. To accomplish this, it may require posting every other week rather than every week as my blog format presently has but I think it’d be worth it.

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That’s it for my Lolita New Years Resolutions for 2018! I’d like to do a full year in review once my annual anniversary of restarting this blog occurs. Until then, thanks for reading along with me exploring my self-identity in this fashion.

This post has been a part of Lolita Blog Carnival, a group devoted to sharing Lolita content through the medium of blogging! Check out some other blogs and what they wrote about their Lolita New Years Resolutions!


Poppy Noir

The Bloody Tea Party

Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time and Happy Holidays!

Taobao Haul – #1

Hello! This week, I will talk about my first Taobao orders! There’s a little bad and a lot of good so let’s get started!

Taobao can be described as an online marketplace. Individual sellers and business create storefronts with unique urls. These online storefronts showcase a wide range of products from shoes to accessories to clothes. Lolita Fashion, interestingly enough, has become incredibly popular in China, sparking a wave of indie Chinese brands that produce Lolita dresses and accessories through individual Taobao shops.

It’s getting close to the holiday season so I anticipated things would calm down here in regards to local meetups and blogging. What I didn’t anticipate was that my Taobao orders would be delivered to me before the end of the year!

For a little background, I have ordered one thing using Taobao before: a bag in the shape of a jellyfish by Taobao brand MilkyWay. However, this blog entry is about my first time making a large haul order and a dress pre-order.

So, let me talk about my first dress experience because it actually ended up being negative. Before I used SpreeNow and before I started placing orders, I reserved a dress through a different shopping service. I pre-ordered Bell Langue’s Code JSK, matching headbow, and sweater (for Bobby) in the ivory colorway.

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The dress arrived after around 3 months of waiting. But the color turned out to not be color accurate to the picture. There was also a miscommunication on sizing so the dress turned out to be a size I wouldn’t have ordered otherwise (though it still does fit) Bobby loves the hoodie! I’m glad his part of the order ended up working out even though there was another sizing miscommunication. As for me, I think I’ll end up parting ways with the JSK and head bow. Maybe I will be able to find it in another colorway in the future!

Looking back, I knew the possibility was there but this was my first lesson that there’s always a risk in ordering from Taobao brands, not because they can’t be trusted, but because there isn’t a defined level of quality control among all brands. In addition, there’s a lack of feedback and reviews considering brand releases are very sporadic and often singular.

So, for my SpreeNow order, I ordered from a few brands: Mix Mania, MuFish, Ruby Rabbit, and Dream Holic. Dream Holic has produced my favorite wigs so I opted for my very first mass order direct from them, springing for 5 wigs, 3 in the same style. MuFish and Ruby Rabbit have a few pairs of tights I had my eye on for a few months. In addition to my hobby of Lolita Fashion, I also like anime, so from Mix Mania, I ordered an ita bag (collection-based window bag) to celebrate one of my favorite anime characters! With the orders placed, I played the waiting game for everything to arrive and be organized together.

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Before I get onto the direct images, I want to talk about SpreeNow a bit more. This shopping service is incredibly easy to use. All you need is a direct link to the product page and then, after creating an account, you can get a direct translated shopping page for what you want to order and can organize everything in a cart system. Communication happens through a text chat system and responses are usually quick and within 24 hours. The best part, in my opinion, is the ability to re-arrange boxes. It gives an additional area of control that allows you to plan for what arrives to you when you want and with what else you want. So I highly recommend using it as a great introduction to shopping through Taobao stores! So onto the haul!

Everything arrived in two separate boxes that I had planned out. One for the bag and the other for all the tights and wigs. I’ll be reviewing the Dream Holic wigs on their own on a later date so I won’t include many pictures of them in this post!


Picture of everything!

I LOVE the Mix Mania bag! It’s amazing in person! It’s very spacious and the window has a good amount of space for merchandise. I bought the purple color, hoping to match it with my Yuri!!! on Ice Christophe Giacometti merchandise. Chris owns a cat in the anime so the cat ears really appealed to me! I took a few pictures below of the front and back, with additional ones with the merchandise. I’m heavily considering also ordering the pink and green but I’m not sure what I’d do with them yet.

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The Ruby Rabbit tights came well-packaged in their own decorative bag. I really like their Alice-inspired tights!

I ordered two pairs of the white & black transparent diamond OTKs from MuFish just in case a pair gets damaged or I want to match a coordinate more with Bobby. Right now, they’re a little tight because I have thick calves so just a head’s up if you’re considering them! The circus-themed tights are also a little on the short end, with my height, the print stretches considerably so when I wear them, I’ll probably layer them over white tights to keep the print opaque.


MuFish Diamond OTKs


MuFish Circus Tights

That’s it for this post! I’m really excited with the results of this haul! I’ve already worn one of the Dream Holic wigs out and am looking forward to writing a full review on those. I’m also planning out new coordinates with my new themed tights~ If you’re interested in using SpreeNow to shop from Taobao shops, Here’s my referral link!

I already have a few other items I’ve reserved in my cart so I anticipate making more haul posts for this blog. Please look forward to them! Thanks for reading!